Sensoterra for horticulture

Understand your soil’s hydro processes to optimize production efficiency and improve plant and flower quality

Too much water in the soil will wash away nutrients and encourage fungi. Too little water will have a negative effect on plant growth.

Monitoring soil moisture allows control over soil conditions. However, current sensors are wired and not remote, making them unusable for foil greenhouses.

Sensoterra is a low-cost, wireless and remote system that offers real-time insight into the soil moisture condition of horticulture crops.

The revolutionary Sensoterra soil-moisture system is self-sustaining, wireless and remote.

Real-time soil monitoring

Maintaining ideal soil moisture conditions lowers the risk of failed crops and increases crop productivity.

Low cost

Sensors are affordable, allowing for multiple measurement points.

Higher crop yield

Maintaining ideal soil moisture conditions lowers the risk of failed crops and increases crop productivity.

Increased crop quality

Monitoring soil moisture at various root depths is the ideal way to optimise soil conditions specific to each crop.

Minimum irrigation costs

Accurate and constant insight into soil moisture levels eliminates unnecessary irrigation.

Fully wireless remote system

The wireless sensors can be placed up to 1.5 km from the gateway system, allowing full field monitoring from iPad, smartphone or desktop.

The Sensoterra system consists of probes, a gateway and the stand-alone cloud-system “SoilWare”. Varying probe lengths (15, 30, 60 and 90 centimeters), allow measurement at different soil depths directly at the root of the plant.

Soil moisture data is sent to the cloud through a solar-powered gateway allowing the greenhouse owner to access soil moisture data of different parts of the greenhouse per day, week or even year through PC, smartphone or tablet. Fully automated notifications are sent if the condition of the plant is below a certain threshold enabling timely action.

The Sensoterra system provides greenhouse owners insight in real-time soil moisture percentage data per location and per plant or flower type.

Because each flower and plant type needs it’s own specific type of watering, deep root moisture measurement enables efficient irrigation decisions which result in cost efficiencies, increased crop quality and a higher production yield.

Sensoterra; insight into soil conditions to lower irrigation costs and improve crop quality