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Agritechnica: Celebrating Purpose in Farming and Agriculture –  November 12-18, 2023

Agritechnica 2023 is gearing up to unveil its novel event format, “Celebrate Purpose,” designed to highlight the passion, challenges, and career prospects in modern agriculture and agricultural engineering. Organized by DLG (German Agricultural Society), this event aims to inspire the next generation of professionals in the farming and agricultural technology sectors. Join us on November 12-18, 2023, at the Hanover Exhibition Center for an insightful and thought-provoking experience.

Event Details

  • Event Date: November 12-18, 2023
  • Location: Hanover Exhibition Center
  • Comprehensive Program: The exhibition is accompanied by live events, demo shows, and expert stages focusing on smart farming, automation, connectivity, autonomous agricultural technology, and alternative power systems.
  • Startup Showcases: The DLG Prototype.Club and agrifood startup area will spotlight innovative products and services.
  • Partner Events: Systems & Components and “Inhouse Farming – Feed & Food Show” offer insights into the agricultural machinery sector and the future of agricultural and food systems.

Under the theme “Passion for Profession,” the “Celebrate Purpose” event at Agritechnica 2023 is set to explore the intersection of life and work in agriculture. The objective is to raise awareness about the vital role of modern agriculture in feeding the world while ensuring environmental sustainability. The event will feature enlightening discussions led by farming experts, including Benedikt Bösel, Janna Ensthaler, Alexander Graf, and Gesa Langenberg, aiming to ignite a sense of purpose among attendees.

Spotlight on Sustainability: Freya von Czettritz, CEO of DLG Holding, emphasizes the need for efficient and responsible agricultural practices to meet global food demand sustainably. “Agricultural Purpose” invites individuals to engage with a profession that plays a significant role in society. The event doesn’t just celebrate the achievements of modern agriculture but also encourages active participation in addressing critical challenges.

Joining the Celebration: Sensoterra’s Involvement Adding to the significance of Agritechnica 2023, Sensoterra, a pioneering force in agriculture technology, will be joining the event. With a commitment to innovation and sustainability, Sensoterra’s presence underscores the importance of technological advancements in modern farming practices. As a leading participant, Sensoterra’s contributions will shed light on how technology is reshaping agriculture’s future.

Meet us at Agritechnica in Hanover on November 12-18!

About Sensoterra

Sensoterra develops low-cost, simple, and robust wireless soil moisture sensors, providing actionable insights that enable water management platforms and solutions. Our sensors are built to integrate into any platform with our unique ‘API first’ philosophy – offering freedom and flexibility for data integration.  It is our mission to enable water management platforms and solutions worldwide. We help by ‘Making Sense of Water’. We produce simple, robust, and low-cost wireless soil moisture sensors that are easy to deploy and built to integrate. With proven success in the applications of smart city landscaping, environmental monitoring, and precision agriculture, the Sensoterra solution integrates seamlessly in existing water and land management platforms.

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