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Senet, a prominent provider of global connectivity and network management for the Internet of Things, has joined forces with Sensoterra BV, a leading low-cost wireless soil moisture measurement sensor provider. This multi-year partnership, announced on July 25, 2017, aims to optimize crop performance, yields, and profits for farmers through an IoT solution.

Monitoring soil moisture is crucial for effective irrigation decisions, but traditional wired sensors are costly and offer limited deployment range, rendering them impractical for monitoring numerous points in expansive outdoor farm fields. Sensoterra has tackled these challenges by offering a rugged, self-sustaining, cost-effective wireless solution designed to function seamlessly on LoRaWAN infrastructure, meeting the most demanding agricultural needs while minimizing the total cost of ownership.

Bruce Chatterley, CEO & President of Senet, expressed his satisfaction with Sensoterra’s selection of Senet as their IoT network service provider, emphasizing the goal of delivering environmentally conscious solutions to the agriculture sector.

“Sensoterra’s wireless system offers easy installation and low cost, granting farmers real-time insights into their crop’s soil moisture conditions, enabling them to maximize performance, yields, and profits.” – Bruce Chatterly

Soil moisture data

One of the standout features of the Sensoterra soil moisture system is its ease of installation and operation. Sensors can be set up within minutes, and data becomes accessible online within an hour of installation. Farmers can conveniently manage their systems through a user-friendly dashboard, with an open API available for data integration.

Jurriaan Ruys, CEO of Sensoterra, stressed the importance of low cost, ease of installation, and durability for sensors in today’s agricultural landscape. Only by meeting these criteria can growers expand their deployments and gain genuine operational visibility.

“Sensoterra’s collaboration with Senet’s IoT network has enabled them to meet their cost and performance objectives, something unattainable with other network technologies.” – Jurriaan Ruys

InfoAg Conference

Both Senet and Sensoterra are proud sponsors of the 2017 InfoAg Conference, which took place from July 25 to 27, 2017, at the St. Louis Union Station Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri. Senet’s booth #64 highlighted various network options to support IoT applications, focusing on Low Power Wide Area technologies for smart agriculture and water management. Meanwhile, Sensoterra, stationed at booth #24, showcased case studies on the global deployment of its LoRa soil moisture sensors in more than 10 countries, demonstrating their commitment to advancing sustainable farming practices.

About Senet, Inc.

Senet is the leader in global Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity used to instrument the physical world and enable businesses to revolutionize their operations. With core values centered around changing the world for the better, Senet is committed to promoting IoT Network and Network Management innovation, and supports an open partner ecosystem to ensure that IoT realizes its full potential of delivering economic, environmental, and social improvements. A contributing member of the LoRa Alliance™, Senet is dedicated to supporting the LoRaWAN™ protocol as the open global standard for secure, carrier-grade IoT Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) connectivity for IoT solutions across all industries. For additional information, visit

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About Sensoterra

Sensoterra is a pioneering leader in the field of wireless soil moisture sensors, offering cutting-edge IoT soil moisture sensor solutions for smart agriculture. Our state-of-the-art Sensoterra soil moisture sensors are at the forefront of agriculture IoT, providing unparalleled soil moisture monitoring capabilities.

Our commitment to precision agriculture technology allows farmers to make informed decisions, optimize their irrigation systems, and embrace sustainable farming solutions. With Sensoterra, access to real-time soil moisture data is at your fingertips, enabling precise water management and water resource management for your agricultural operations.

Sensoterra, established in 2015, with its headquarters in Houten, The Netherlands, develops water management solutions for agriculture/horticulture, smart city management, and water governance. Sensoterra has over 12,000 sensors in the ground globally, and generates hundreds of thousands of data points for smart water management, daily. Learn more at

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