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Sensoterra has teamed up with WeCity for to add to their Smart City IoT suite offering real-time soil moisture readings for urban landscaping.

January 31, 2022 – Houten – Sensoterra Teams up with WeCity, bringing smart data for Urban Sustainability Solutions.

Sensoterra smart soil moisture sensor developer has teamed up with WeCity for integrative smart data solutions for city sustainability. The IoT sensors take real-time soil moisture readings for urban landscaping. The versatile, rugged, and easy to install sensors are placed in the ground near the roots of trees, plants and shrubs, but also in plant boxes and green walls.

WeCity helps cities to become more sustainable, liveable and inclusive by developing open and transparent platform that connects supply and demand for Smart City solutions. WeCity boasts a reliable, open ecosystem for data and sensors, and acts as a trusted “one stop shop” for smart city solutions.

René Voogt, Commercial Director and co-CEO, Sensoterra states: “We’ve teamed up with WeCity because we see that urban greening and landscaping is not the only goal for a Smart City. Smart Cities are based on smart data, and cohesive data integration, and the insights from data integration helps in determining the direction of policy for sustainable initiatives. We believe that WeCity is a reliable partner in working towards achieving sustainable Smart Cities.”

Today, more than 2,000 Sensoterra sensors have been placed in cities across the Netherlands, working towards smart data management for landscaping and urban green solutions.


About WeCity

WeCity increases the liveability of cities by developing and integrating smart city solutions in the public space. As a service integrator, WeCity offers a Smart City catalogue with certified solutions which are safe, secure and interoperable. Our service management portal provides you full insight of your smart city assets. Together with our partners, we ensure scalable solutions which make a positive impact on sustainability, mobility, inclusivity and liveability of public spaces and the environment.Learn more at


About Sensoterra

Sensoterra, provides data-driven solutions for optimising land and freshwater resources for smart resilient cities, water and drought management and agriculture/horticulture. The easy to install, rugged and long-lasting soil moisture sensors offer real-time soil moisture readings optimal for data integration. Based in Utrecht, Sensoterra’s aim is to improve water management with integrated soil moisture data. Operating in 40+ countries, soil moisture sensors generate over 60 million global data points, optimized for integration. Learn more at