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This graduation thesis describes the application of Information and Communication Technology in agriculture. IoT Technology, the application of IoT in agriculture and the method of connection via LoRaWAN Technology are mentioned. Information and Communication Technology in the recognition of dairy cows on farms and the automatic milking system, i.e. the application of milking robots, are mentioned. In agricultural production, the use of GPS devices is specified which information can be obtained by using GPS, as well as the process of drying. In the operation of grain harvesting, modern combines are used that have several types of sensors, and it is stated which sensors they are and what their function is and the advantages obtained from the use of these sensors. The main part of the graduation thesis is to show which sensors are used the most in livestock and arable agriculture and what their function is and how IoT technology helps in the agricultural sector.

Publication University of Zagreb

Citation Ištvanović, Luka. Primjena informacijsko komunikacijske tehnologije u poljoprivrednim djelatnostima. Diss. University of Zagreb. Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences. Division of Transport. Department of Information and Communications Traffic, 2023.


Date July 2023