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How to Structure Data from an IoT Monitoring Network


The Internet of Things, or IoT, refers to the billions of physical devices (e.g., smartphones) that collect and share data through the Internet. This publication discusses the typical attributes in IoT monitoring networks and presents a data structure that outlines best practices in organizing data. The main goal is to provide knowledge on how such a system’s data should be structured so that these IoT monitoring network owners, such as agricultural producers, can optimize how they use their data. Thus, the primary audience is agricultural producers, consultants, and others who install, manage, or use such IoT monitoring systems for decision making. IoT is a lifesaver in this case that realizes the wireless data communications through the Internet and allows sensors to be deployed remotely at locations that were previously difficult to monitor.

Publication University of Florida, IFAS Extension

Citation Yu, Ziwen. “How to structure data from an IoT monitoring network: AE548, 11/2020.” EDIS 2020.6 (2020): 5-5.


Date December 2020