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In an era where sustainable resource management is paramount, freshwater is still one of our most undervalued and extensively exploited resources.

Sensoterra’s Water Management Revolution

At Sensoterra, we go beyond sensors; we’re on a mission to drive impactful change. Our philosophy is rooted in making sense of water, providing trusted, precision soil moisture data that transforms water management decisions.

Our unique approach lies in delivering precision soil moisture data, that’s calibrated by soil type — setting saturation points, wilting points, and permanent wilting points. We don’t prescribe water management; we empower it. Our sensors adapt to your needs, applicable across diverse scenarios, from agriculture, to smart cities, and water governance.

The “High Cost of Cheap Water” report seeks to combat this water blindness by emphasizing the need to recognize and value the multitude of benefits offered by healthy freshwater ecosystems. These benefits are wide-ranging and include the assurance of food and water security, the capacity to adapt to a changing climate, the preservation of biodiversity, and the profound cultural and spiritual significance to communities across the globe.

Quantifying the Value of Water

While direct use benefits tally up to a minimum of US$7.5 trillion annually for households, agriculture, and industries. The indirect benefits of freshwater ecosystems that are the unsung heroes. These ecosystem benefits, such as water purification, sediment delivery, and bolstering climate resilience, are chronically undervalued, generating an estimated US$50 trillion annually.

Water Management & Conservation

Freshwater is not merely a resource to be extracted but an intrinsic part of nature. Sustainable water infrastructure brings front the recognition of rivers, lakes, wetlands, and aquifers as dynamic, life-sustaining systems. It’s our responsibility to attribute real value, in the way that we manage water and freshwater ecosystems.

Sensoterra: Revolutionizing Water Management

As the world faces challenges such as rising water and fuel prices, increasing demand for food, and more frequent droughts, land manager are seeking innovative ways to optimize their operations. Preserving water and other resources has become a priority, and efficient water management is crucial for achieving higher yields. One of the key steps in this process is accurate soil moisture measurement.

The Importance of Measuring Soil Moisture

To effectively manage water resources and make informed decisions, land managers need reliable soil moisture data. Traditionally, monitoring systems have been expensive, complex to install, and difficult to integrate with other solutions. However, the emergence of smart, wireless IoT sensors is changing the game. These sensors offer significant advantages, making it easier and more affordable to monitor soil moisture levels in orchards and fields.

Sensoterra’s Revolutionary Wireless Soil Moisture Sensors

Sensoterra’s wireless soil moisture sensors are at the forefront of this agricultural revolution. They offer several unique features that make them stand out in the market:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: The sensors are low-cost, allowing land managers to deploy more sensors for less money. This increased coverage provides a more comprehensive view of soil moisture levels across the farm.
  • Easy Data Retrieval: Volumetric Water Content data can be retrieved effortlessly using the Sensoterra app. Moreover, the sensors are designed to integrate seamlessly with water management platforms and other solutions through an open API.
  • Simple Installation: Installing these sensors is a breeze, as they are hammerable and require no additional tools. In less than a minute, land managers can set up these sensors, saving valuable time and effort.
  • Maintenance-Free: Sensoterra’s sensors boast a built-in battery that can last between 5-10 years. This long battery life ensures continuous and hassle-free monitoring without the need for frequent maintenance.
  • High Accuracy: The sensors achieve high accuracy thanks to an extensive library of standard soil calibrations. This ensures that the data collected is precise and reliable.
  • Versatility: Sensoterra offers sensors of different lengths to suit various land management applications, providing tailored solutions for different types of crops and soil conditions.

Real-World Impact

Sensoterra’s sensors are already making a positive impact in regions impacted by water scarcity. Land managers using these sensors have reported saving up to 50% on water and fuel consumption. By having access to real-time soil moisture data and making informed decisions based on this information, farmers can optimize their irrigation practices and resource allocation, leading to improved crop yields and cost savings.

As the demand for efficient soil moisture management continues to grow, Sensoterra is actively looking to expand its network of Solution Partners. By collaborating with Sensoterra, businesses and organizations can become part of a cutting-edge technology solution that is driving positive change in agriculture.

The importance of measuring soil moisture cannot be overstated in today’s agricultural landscape. Sensoterra’s wireless soil moisture sensors offer a game-changing solution that is affordable, easy to use, and provides accurate real-time data. By leveraging these sensors, farmers can make informed decisions about irrigation and resource allocation, leading to increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved crop yields. Join Sensoterra’s network of Solution Partners to be at the forefront of sustainable and productive water management.

About Sensoterra

Sensoterra develops low-cost, simple, and robust wireless soil moisture sensors, providing actionable insights that enable water management platforms and solutions. Our sensors are built to integrate into any platform with our unique ‘API first’ philosophy – offering freedom and flexibility for data integration.  It is our mission to enable water management platforms and solutions worldwide. We help by ‘Making Sense of Water’. We produce simple, robust, and low-cost wireless soil moisture sensors that are easy to deploy and built to integrate. With proven success in the applications of smart city landscaping, environmental monitoring, and precision agriculture, the Sensoterra solution integrates seamlessly in existing water and land management platforms.

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