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Single Depth Technical Data Sheet

Sensoterra Soil Moisture Sensors measure volumetric water content of the soil. They are all wireless and use LoRaWAN to get your data to the Cloud. They are manufactured at scale and available globally for you to order today.

  • Hourly measurements, 6-8 years battery life
  • Completely wireless (including datalogger)
  • Robust and easy to install without additional tools (hammerable)
  • Minimal soil disturbance
  • 100% maintenance free
  • Easy access to data – API-first
  • Compatible with all soil types (>45 standard calibrations)
  • High security data connections and database
  • 2 years Cloud Platform access included – no monthly fees!
  • Available in the following lengths:
    • 15cm / 6 inches
    • 30cm / 12 inches
    • 60cm / 24 inches
    • 90cm / 36 inches

Download the Single Depth Technical Data Sheet