Open API

Quick installation, easy integration

Installing our probes takes less than a minute, and accessing the data is easily done via the Senosterra app or integration with our Open API. 

No matter how the data is read, it is important to us that it can be easily accessed and adds value to you and your customers.

If you want to integrate the Sensoterra sensor data into another application, the process is straightforward and can greatly enrich your data dashboards.

Sensoterra sensors operate on the LoRaWAN network

We have designed our system so you can integrate Sensoterra probes into your own environment.


This can be as simple as downloading an Excel with all soil moisture data up to using the Sensoterra Customer API to fully control settings like probe properties and location to inform, and potentially automate the irrigation process. This API is a RESTful web service using JSON as the message format.

The API provides three different access levels, allowing you to build the functionality into your own system and business model. 

  1. Customer
  2. Reseller
  3. Partners 

 To learn more about integration opportunities, contact us for API documentation. Download the sensor technical data sheet (pdf).

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If you specialize in data integration contact us to learn more about the opportunities with Sensoterra. 

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