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ConnectedGreen a Dutch landscaping & smart city data integrator, provides smart data for landscapers on soil health associated with precision irrigation. They partnered with Sensoterra in 2017, to integrate soil moisture data with their landscaping and plant health platform. Since the partnership, ConnectedGreen has installed over 1,200 sensors across the Netherlands and Belgium.

  • Integration of Sensoterra data within the Connected Green app
  • Easy installation, probes are placed across public green-spaces in the Netherlands
  • In city parks and sports fields, probes are often buried under lawns
  • Placed with newly (trans)planted trees, help to ensure healthy rooting and quality

“In the Dutch landscaping business, the landscaper has to pay for expenses in case of tree mismanagement (dryness or wetness),”

René Voogt, ConnectedGreen

During times of drought, trees, plants, and shrubs need effective irrigation to prevent illness or death. By monitoring the soil moisture levels remotely, landscapers can keep an eye on which areas require immediate action, preventing plant loss and ensuring greenspace quality. 

Sensoterra soil moisture sensors are crucial for landscaping and gardening management. Precise soil moisture management enables smart irrigation decisions resulting in high-quality plants and healthier soils. By integrating Sensoterra data in the ConnectedGreen app, the soil moisture data is paired with soil and plant requirements, resulting in clear recommendations based on smart data.

“Sensoterra has been a great partner. It's no coincidence that we have installed over 1,200 sensors across the Netherlands”

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Want to learn more? Download the read the complete case study on landscaping and smart data integration. Read a recent article on landscaping projects around the Netherlands or more information.

Maintain quality,
reduce costs


With the Sensoterra app Open API, soil data can be integrated into existing irrigation systems for a fully automated system. 

Capable automated irrigation

Prevent tree & plant losses

Maintain healthy landscapes

Reduce freshwater waste

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Learn more about Sensoterra's wireless soil moisture sensor technology. 

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