Remote monitoring in agricultural operations

Remote monitoring in agricultural operations

The partnership between Sensoterra and Inmarsat enables remote monitoring and control of smart devices in agricultural activities. 

The partnership between Sensoterra and Inmarsat enables remote monitoring and control of smart devices in agricultural activities. Technology usage in agriculture and its expansion is the topic of Inmarsat new article, written by Steven Tompkins. 

Many industries in the technological market across the world are innovating at a record pace, launching technologies to solve historic challenges and revolutionize the way they work. Agriculture follows the same path, with agritech organisations presenting solutions designed to make farming more resource efficient and productive than ever before.

From smart weather stations, real-time soil moisture measurements, to autonomous machinery, the opportunities these propositions present to farmers are numerous, including increased yields and crop quality while improving efficiency. But a major barrier stands in the way of agritech companies working with many farmers and growers in many parts of the globe: poor connectivity. For this reason, big companies such as Sensoterra and Inmarsat got together to solve real day-to-day challenges in agricultural fields. 

To enable sensor technology and other devices that send small amounts of data, the service best suited to the task is IsatData Pro (IDP), a high performance Inmarsat technology. The service is particularly well suited to two-way applications where some form of monitoring, control or automation is required, for example remote water level monitoring with the ability to turn pumps or generators on and off in near real-time. 

The IDP terminal has a low power requirement and will easily integrate into devices where power is adequate to enable cellular communications. As well as static applications, IDP offers full mobility and is used extensively for asset tracking on moving vehicles through the global supply chain. With both the option to retrofit the terminal or embed an OEM version of the terminal into your own device, IDP is well placed to support the technical specification and form factor of a range of agritech devices.

Sensoterra steps into this partnership providing soil moisture sensors for better irrigation decisions, increased yield and soil health. Remote water level monitoring becomes easier with robust and wireless sensors that provide hourly moisture measurements straight from the active root zone of the plant. Sensors can be applied to multiple fields due to LoRaWAN communication, providing smart-data sampling whilst full crop control. 

About Sensoterra:

Sensoterra is a world leader in wireless soil moisture sensor solutions, providing data-driven solutions for optimizing land and freshwater resources for agriculture, horticulture, landscaping, and Smart cities. Empowering better decision making for land management through smart soil moisture measurements. With thousands of Sensoterra sensors in the ground, generating over 60 million data points globally. 

About Inmarsat:

Inmarsat has been powering global connectivity for four decades through mobile satellite communications, including governments, commercial enterprises and humanitarian organisations with mission-critical voice and high-speed data communications on land, at sea and in the air.


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