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Sensoterra’s new office is located at Matrix VII Science Park in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. A brand new building with 8,000 m2, currently holding 15 companies on Life Sciences, ICT, sustainable chemistry, and high-tech. The official opening happened on the 21st of March of 2019 and consisted of a gathering within the companies.

Excited to meet the new building members, Sensoterra attended the event represented by Christine Fraser-Boer, Sensoterra’s COO. Fraser-Boer took to the stage to introduce Sensoterra to the new colleagues while the other companies presented themselves.

Sensoterra is a company specialized in soil moisture sensors. The use of Internet of Things (IoT) technology provided by LoRa connectivity allows sensors to be fully wireless and adapted to all kinds of soils, crops, and activities such as agriculture, horticulture, Smart Cities, and nature restoration. In the market since 2014, Sensoterra is a rapidly growing company with over 5,000 sensors spread all over the globe.

2019 represents an exciting phase for Sensoterra’s growth and was initially marked by the company’s move to the new building, in Matrix VII.

Amsterdam Science Park is a renowned location for research companies, together with the role of Matrix Innovation Center in the development of multi-disciplinary work. The director of Matrix VII Innovation Center, Geert Haksteen, announces the expansion of the building to around 11,00 m2 to be completed for early 2022.

About Sensoterra

Sensoterra is a leader in smart farming technology, providing wireless soil moisture sensors to growers all over the world. The incredible spreadability of over 5,000 sensors around the world is possible due to IoT technology, established by LoRa connectivity. Sensoterra goes for precision and simplicity, with easy-installed robust sensors.

Contact for more information and/or interview requests:
Jessica Nuboer
Marketing & Communications
Email: [email protected]

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