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We’ll be joining Dutch water boards, Rijkswaterstaat, several Dutch provinces and municipalities, along with drinking water companies, and technology providers.
At Sensoterra we develop innovative sensor technology for measuring soil moisture, which is an important factor in food production and climate resilience, often unseen and underrated.

We help farmers and growers, municipalities and water authorities with managing and conserving water by providing accurate data and insights. Measuring soil moisture is a difficult topic, which we have made simple with our easy to use, low-cost sensors, and patented technology. Sensoterra sensors have helped to save millions of liters of water, all over the world, in applications for agriculture/horticulture, smart resilient cities and water governance.

The water sector faces major challenges which is why there is such an opportunity for digitalisation for improved management.

Key topics of the day are integrating key data from all sources to give the best insights into water management. Sensoterra’s soil moisture sensors provide precision calibrated data built to integrate with our API first approach.

Join us, March 16, 2023