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Based on years of in-field experience and more than 10,000 sensors in the ground, we’ve worked to make our wireless soil moisture sensors even better!

Utrecht, The Netherlands – Sensoterra, leader in wireless soil moisture sensors for water management solutions, has announced the launch of their next generation Single Depth sensors.  

Key features like the simple, robust design and hammerability remain, but it has many improvements on the inside. A completely new antenna design improves the LoRaWAN signal strength with a factor 2-4. Changes to the internal structure provide better durability and longevity. Sensoterra has also increased the accuracy of the sensors with a major firmware update and by improving and expanding the standard calibrations. These calibrations are continually being added to on a monthly basis with research from the Sensoterra Lab.

The sensors are available from April 2022, in all lengths and for all global LoRaWAN frequencies.

Lieke Berns, Product Owner at Sensoterra: “We’ve built on years of in-field experience, and more than 10,000 sensors in the field, to make our sensors even better. Our next gen sensors offer better durability, improved wireless range, and calibration accuracy.”  

About Sensoterra 
Sensoterra, world leader in wireless soil moisture sensor solutions, provides data-driven solutions for optimising land and freshwater resources for smart resilient cities, water and drought management and agriculture/horticulture. Empowering better decision making for land management through smart soil moisture measurements. Sensoterra was founded in 2014 and is based in Utrecht, the Netherlands.  Today there are more than 10,000 sensors in the ground, globally.
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