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Sensoterra was at the Precision Ag Vision Conference  (PAVC VISION Conference), Seattle (USA) to learn about the future of agriculture and smart technology.

Sensoterra was at the Precision Ag Vision Conference (PAVC VISION Conference), Seattle (USA). Represented by our Sales Director – Bas van der Velden.

“PAVC provided us with a productive networking environment, at the same time that offered full learning of the innovational trends in the market such as robotics, data integration, automated crop consulting, and much more” – van der Velden, Sales Director at Sensoterra.

VISION Conference

The VISION Conference, now in its third year, is a North American event designed to bring together the largest global leadership in precision agriculture and establish a clear-eyed look at the changes that are likely to remodel their businesses in the next 3-5 years. Their objective is to activate this 3-5 year window to help improve the future of today’s agribusinesses.

One of the highlights was the use of Digital Twins technology in agriculture: the extension of IoT (Internet of Things) which embraces agriculture by creating a virtual equivalent of a physical object; mitigating fundamental problems such as place, human observations, and time. Digital Twins can enrich data acquisition through the reproduction of historical states or via projection states, allowing farmers to immediately act in case of deviations. Precision agriculture has been changing management techniques. And sensors are the key factor for precise soil health monitoring.

IoT for Agriculture

As an IoT sensor provider, Sensoterra probes are specialized in soil moisture monitoring for agriculture, horticulture, smart cities solutions, and landscaping activities. A wireless soil moisture sensor, low-cost, easy-to-install sensor, designed for all types of crops and soils, structured to provide the best balance between water and soil. By reaching the best soil moisture conditions, yield increase can be easily achieved as well as water saving by 10-30%.


About Sensoterra:

Founded in 2014, Sensoterra ( provides data-driven solutions for optimizing land and freshwater resources for agriculture, horticulture, landscaping and nature restoration.

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