Greenhouse Tomatoes

Organic farms use smart data for optimum yield

A greenhouse organic tomato and cucumber grower saved his crop during extreme drought with Sensoterra sensors, and improved yield with soil moisture data.

During the extreme drought during the summer of 2018, Danny Monté, Forecast and Quality Administration and Quality Control Manager at AC Hartman BV, relied on Sensoterra soil moisture sensors to support irrigation decisions for greenhouse crops. By irrigating at the absolute minimum requirement, he was able to maintain crop vitality and prevent permanent wilting, while saving the crop.

“Sensoterra sensors are important for every type of crop. They become essential in drought scenarios.”

Danny Monté, AC Hartman BV


Key points

  • Country: The Netherlands
  • Crop: Tomatoes, bell peppers, chili peppers, cucumbers
  • Farm Type: Greenhouses, open fields
  • Sensors: 20 sensors across fields


  • Irrigated within wilting points to save crop in extreme drought
  • Supported yield forecasting with soil moisture data
  • Drip & overhead sprinkler irrigation across greenhouses

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