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Case Study Greenhouse

Greenhouse Optimizes Yield during Drought: Sensoterra Sensors to Support Water Management Decisions

A greenhouse organic tomato and cucumber grower saved his crop during extreme drought with Sensoterra sensors and improved yield with soil moisture data.

A greenhouse organic tomato and cucumber grower faced the challenge of extreme drought during the summer of 2018. Danny Monté, the Forecast and Quality Administration and Quality Control Manager at AC Hartman BV, found a lifeline in Sensoterra soil moisture sensors. These sensors played a vital role in supporting irrigation decisions for greenhouse crops, ensuring their survival during harsh conditions.

By utilizing Sensoterra sensors, Monté could irrigate the crops at the absolute minimum requirement, saving water and preventing permanent wilting while maintaining crop vitality. The sensors proved to be indispensable, especially in drought scenarios.

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Download the case study on pivot irrigation for controlled environment agriculture and greenhouses.

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